Saturday, May 17, 2014

The One With Day 5 Updates

Pages Read: 155
Books completed:
Currently Reading: Nothing - I'm still reeling from The Winner's Curse and had to take a break from reading. 

My Feelings About Winner's Curse in a GIF

My Feelings in Words
I just couldn't help but fall in love! I wasn't quite sure initially whether I'd like it or not. Sure, it had a ton of hype surrounding it (which caused me to buy it immediately) but I was hesitant. This hesitation was for naught. 

What a beautiful and heartbreaking story filled with action, war, politics and strategy. And pretty dresses. Can't forget the pretty dresses. But underneath it all, a story of friendship and finding your way. So beautiful. It was actually so good that I couldn't get myself to start another book (though I had plenty of time) because I just needed to think through all that I'd read. 

However, I have 2 days left and I WILL complete another book....well, at least start one :) 
By the way, MY GOAL WAS MET! WOOHOO!!! 



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