Monday, May 12, 2014

The One Where I Make Reading Goals for a Bout of Books


My original Sign Up Post for information about Bout of Books 10.0

Time devoted to reading:

No idea. Pretty much I'm just going to read whenever I feel like it and whenever I have time. 


3 books
As you can see, incredibly lofty goals. HA! First off, I'm a slow reader. Secondly, I get distracted by TV. *Shakes fist at Netflix!* Maybe I'll up it later on. 

I also hope to participate in some challenges and twitter chats (though I am NOT savvy when it comes to twitter). 

Books to read:

Currently reading - 

The Falconer by Elizabeth May 

I've been waiting for this book FOREVERRRRRRR! Well, maybe not forever but it feels like it. I'm only 4 chapters in and she's already killed a faerie. Yup, I think I'm gonna love this. 

Other than this, I'm not sure what books I'll read. I'll just have to wait till I finish the Falconer to see what I feel in the mood for. Here are some options:

The Winner's Curse by Marie Rutokoski
I've heard some awesome things about this book and I read the first couple sample chapters and loved it! Hopefully it stays up to the hype!

Poison Dance by Livia Blackburne 
Is it cheating to read a Novella? Oh well! I'm so excited for this one! Ahhhh! Blackburne's novel Midnight Thief is a book I've been waiting for. ASSASSINS! That's my weakness in books. When I got this one to review I was jumping for joy! It may only be a novella but I've heard some awesome things about this short book. And.....WOOHOO! ASSASSINS!!!!!!

The Diamond Thief by Sharon Gosling
I just got this one from Netgalley so I really need to read it. Gotta get that number up! Also....THIEVES! Thieves are along the lines of the whole assassin obsession. They're not quite as high on my list, but I can't help but like em. I've heard some mixed things about this book but I'm looking forward to it anyways! 

Instead of just having one post where I update, I'll make a new post daily with how much I read, what I read, what I finished, and my thoughts and feelings about what I've read. Now, 



  1. PERFECT goals! That's what I love about Bout of Books - it's low stress. And no it's not cheating to read a novella at all!

    Have fun

    1. I couldn't agree more! I like the easygoing attitude of this read-a-thin. I've actually just surpassed by goal! Hahaha and good! That's the only reason I beat my goal! hahaha


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