Sunday, May 18, 2014

The One Where I Retitle House of Hades

I've decided to partake in the last mini-challenge of Bout Of Books 10.0. 
This wonderful little challenge is being hosted by Oh Magic Hour where you retitle your current read.
My current read is:

House of Hades

Oh, this book. I'm actually rather proud of some of the names I've come up with for this one.

The One Where Seven Demigods Just Can't Catch a Break

House of Horrors

House of Everything that Could Possibly Go Wrong Going Wrong

Adventures in Tartarus

My Ship is Better than Your Ship and it Still Gets Beat Up

All about Bob

Death Without Bob

The Story of How the World Would Have Ended Without Bob

Oh, I could've come up with PLENTY more. I just didn't want to give away too many spoilers. So, if you can't tell from those wonderfully happy titles, everything that could go wrong goes wrong and it makes for some awesome adventures. Sure, I feel awful for them and Riordan takes em through Hades and back, but it sure makes for some good reading (GO BOB!)!


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