Thursday, January 5, 2012

Busting the Newbie Blues Questionnaire!

Busting the Newbie Blues is a post by Small Review to help new bloggers with tips and tricks and any questions we may have. Now to the questionnaire! 

1. When did you start your blog?
    January 4th, 2012! Yeah, I just started my own blog. However, I've been doing reviews over at YA Infatuation for a little over a month. 

2. Why did you start your blog? 
    To spread my opinion, or course! When I first found out about blogs, I loved getting other people's opinions on books, especially when I was deciding whether to buy the book or borrow from the library. So, I decided to give back to the community! 

3. What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced so far?
    I've only been doing this a day so I haven't really had time to figure out the challenging parts :) Does trying to figure out how to design my blog count?

4. What do you find most discouraging about being a new blogger?
    Well, I haven't been doing this too long, but its definitely trying to not get in the pits about the number of followers. The realistic part of my mind knows that I've only been doing this about a day and that its going to take a lot longer than that to get more followers. However, the unrealistic part (normally the one that pushes its way to the front) wants these followers to just fall into my lap. But, patience is a virtue! Just one that I don't have :)

5. What do you find most encouraging?
   The people! Y'all are all just so nice and encouraging and I love it! 

6. What do you like best about the blogs you read? Have you tried to replicate this in your blog?
   Quality. I really enjoy this in the blogger's post. I like them to explain why they like it, but I also like a bit of humor. Heck, if they really like it, I don't even mind fangirlyness! But, although I like that, I still want them to give a good explanation as to why. I know that I need to work on that! 

7. What do you dislike about blogs you’ve read? Do you try to avoid this? the top of head, I can't really think of anything. I don't like bashing. Even if you don't like a book, you can tell us why kindly. Not everyone is going to like the same book, so just because you don't like it, doesn't mean someone else won't. Even when I give a bad review, I tell people that if it still sounds like something they might like (they might not mind what bugs me about the book), then I encourage them to try and read it! 

8. Any advice for other new bloggers?
   Don't get discouraged!!!!!!

9. Any questions you'd like to ask newbie or established bloggers?
   Any tips and tricks would be great! Constructive criticism :) However, the biggest to get ARCS! I have a netgalley account that I have gotten books through, but I'd love to get my greedy little hands on some physical copies :) 

10. Is there anything you’d like to tell us about your blog? Feel free to link a few of your favorite posts or posts you wish had more comments.
     Well as I've only been doing this for a little, I don't have any favorite posts on this new blog. However, y'all can check out my reviews on YA Infatuation to see how I do things. My review of Legend is a good one (loved it), and for my negative review (but kind), y'all might want to check out my review Glow.

Thanks y'all for taking the time to look at my answers! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave a comment! 



  1. Wow, welcome to book blogging!

    Trying to figure out how to design your blog definitely counts. It took me quite awhile before I found something I wanted to stick with. Now, I've had my design for over a year, and I don't plan on changing it anytime soon.

    I'm listening to an audiobook of Glow right now, and all the mini-cliffhangers are driving me crazy. I'm not sure whether I'll like it or not, yet.

  2. Melanie: Thanks! Oh, its so hard! I see so many different designs I want that I just can't choose! o_0 lol I think I might stick with this one, but I'm still looking.
    Well, although I didn't like Glow, I hope you do! I know that there were many things that irritated me but I know plenty of people you absolutely fell in love with it. Those cliff-hangers were rather annoying!

  3. Hii! I've also got a very new blog (Jan 1st)! Still haven't quite figured out the layout. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
    If you'd be so kind as to answer me this - why is EVERYONE reading Cinder? Is it really so enticing or did everyone decide to give it for Christmas?

  4. ASTARTEIA: Congratulations!! hahaha well it takes a bit. I don't have a wordpress or else I would definitely help you with the layout. Hm....honestly, part of the reason is the fact that I have heard many good things about it. There are some books out there that get a lot of the spotlight (via the publisher, other bloggers, goodreads, ect.) and this is one of them. I'm actually really enjoying it so far! Its definitely different! It got the basics of the Cinderella story, but definitely with a completely new twist! If you have a Goodreads account, you can look it up and see why others liked it and see if it might be something you enjoy. As for a Christmas gift? it came out after Christmas but if it had come out before I'm sure that a lot of people would have given it out!

  5. I love your blog name and design! So cute!

    I'm totally with you on using blogs as a resource on deciding whether to buy a book or just borrow it. Combined with goodreads, I feel like I haven't been wasting my money on... stinky books... as much as I used to.

    Lauren @ Hughes Reviews

  6. LHUGHES: Thanks! It took me a while to find a design I like, but I think I'll stick with this one :) Absolutely! Blogs and Goodreads were Godsends! Its one reason I never read nearly as much as I do now. I was too cheap to buy a book I wasn't sure if I was going to like. Thanks for visiting and following :)

  7. Great question! Hang in there. The bigger you get the more you'll get offered.

    1. Thanks! I know, I guess I'm just a bit impatient :) haha but I love blogging, with or without the ARCs :D

  8. I agree with Juju , also put your feelers out in Book Forums - Search Authors wanting book reviews :). Im a new follower

  9. Hi, I'm participating in Busting the Newbie Blues, too, and it's always nice to meet new newbies! I've had my blog now for only a couple of weeks, so I'm even more of a noob than you! ;)

    I really enjoyed Glow, but a few of my friends read it and not all of them loved it as much as I did. And my best friend had almost the same problems with it as you did! So I guess I'll let it slide... ;)

    I'm enjoying your blog so far, and I'm looking forward to reading more!

    Andrea (New Follower)
    The Overstuffed Bookcase

    1. It's nice to know someone is as new as me! Welcome to the blogosphere :)

      Don't worry, a lot of people I know loved it. That's actually why I picked it up! So, part of my disappointment was due to all the hype surrounding it. But Oh, well :/ not everybody is going to like the same book :) But I'm glad you enjoyed it!



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