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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Harry Potter Year 1) by J. K. Rowling

    Alright, alright. Before y’all start freaking out and going “YOU HAVEN’T READ HARRY POTTER YET?!? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!” let me tell you that yes, I have read Harry Potter. So take a deep breath…in…and…out. I am actually re-reading the Harry Potter series as part of the Reading Fever’s 2012 Harry Potter Reading Challenge. But guess what? The reaction that I wrote previously is the same reaction I had when I realized she had never read it!! But, since I love this series so darn much I decided to join her on her quest to read HP (or re-read in my case). So without further ado, I present Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone:

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Harry Potter Year 1)
by J. K. Rowling
Release Date: September 1, 1998
Pages: 310
Source: Bought
Format: Hardback

Goodreads Synopsis: 
Harry Potter has never been the star of a Quidditch team, scoring points while riding a broom far above the ground. He knows no spells, has never helped to hatch a dragon, and has never worn a cloak of invisibility.

All he knows is a miserable life with the Dursleys, his horrible aunt and uncle, and their abominable son, Dudley—a great big swollen spoiled bully. Harry's room is a tiny closet at the foot of the stairs, and he hasn't had a birthday party in eleven years.

But all that is about to change when a mysterious letter arrives by owl messenger: a letter with an invitation to an incredible place that Harry—and anyone who reads about him—will find unforgettable. For it's there that he finds not only friends, aerial sports, and magic in everything from classes to meals, but a great destiny that's been waiting for him... if Harry can survive the encounter.  

My Review: 

   I forgot just how magical this story was. Between the amazing characters, the world that you can’t help but become immersed in, the fun adventures, and the amazingly delicious sounding food, this book is fantastic.

 Welcome Harry, the boy who lived. Also the boy who doesn’t know what he is. After the tragic death of his parents Harry is sent to live with his only living relatives. However, this isn’t exactly a happy life considering his Aunt, Uncle and cousin don’t treat him like family but more like a servant. However, at the age of eleven, Harry is accepted to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and embarks on a magical adventure where he learns about friendship, love, and himself.

  Harry is a great MC. He’s treated like crap, yet keeps his head high. He knows what its like to be the underdog so he doesn’t judge people but gets to know them instead. He’s kind, funny, courageous and has no shortage of nosiness. He may get into trouble a lot, but thats only because he's trying to help out. I admire that he stands up for what he believes in and isn't afraid to get his hands dirty because of it. 

  I love Ron and Hermione. They may be just the friends of “The Boy Who Lived” but they take center stage just as much as Harry. Ron is the youngest of 4 brothers and is just trying to prove himself and he doesn’t fail. He’s funny and adventuresome and knows how to play a wicked game of wizard’s chess. Hermione, the brains of the bunch, may be a bit high and mighty, but when it comes to Ron and Harry, she’s willing to do anything to keep them safe.

  The Weasly twins? Oh goodness, I loved them from the beginning! The funny pranksters are definitely a great addition to this story. Neville may get picked on often, but when its time to be brave, he definitely lives up to it. Dumbledore may be a bit “off his rocker” but he’s wise and witty and makes an awesome Headmaster. A lot of thought went into these characters to make them unique and I can definitely say that Ms. Rowling did a fantastic job.

  The writing is simple, yet beautiful. I really enjoy that the story sounded almost like someone telling a story. I could easily imagine sitting in a circle listening to someone tell this story.

  The world building was fantastic and so well thought out. Honestly, J. K. Rowling though of everything. But don’t think that you’ll be bogged down by details. She gives just enough to really let you see what its like without going overboard. She obviously put so much thought into this world and was able to create something so incredible. Also, I actually liked that I had seen the movie because as I was reading it, I was picturing the movie in my mind. I love to compare the books and movies to see what was kept in the movie and what was left out. Let me say that they did a fantastic job to bringing the book to life.

   The plot will not let you down! There is so much adventure and action and fun that is in these books. Also, since I’ve read all the books before, I’ve now realized how much thought had to go into these books. This story arc stretches across 7 books, which takes a lot of thought to keep things organized and flowing. There are references in this book that you recognize in later books and things that they talk about in this book that happen in others. Although the plot may seem simple in this book, once you read them all you’ll realize how complicated and intricate it all is.

  If you can’t tell from my long (sorry bout that btw) review, I absolutely adore this book. I want to go to Hogwarts and visit Diagon Alley thanks the wondrous descriptions given by Rowling. I want to meet Ron, Hermione, Harry, Neville and all of the other characters that I’ve fallen in love with because of reading this book. I want to eat the delicious sounding food. Harry Potter is such a great story about love and the power of friendship and I encourage all who have yet to read it get their rears in gear and head to the bookstore to buy it asap.  

Part of my 2012 Harry Potter Reading Challenge

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  1. Yay for Harry Potter! I need to reread these again. I used to reread them every year when the new books came out or before the movie, but I haven't done that in a couple years.
    Great review, and have fun with your rereading! ;)

    1. Woot! I ♥ HP :D lol I did too. I often re-read books before the next book in the series comes out, though I've only re-read these about...2 times? Though I've re-read a few of them more than the others. Thanks! Hope you reread them soon!


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