Monday, March 5, 2012

I'm baaaaaaaaaccccckkkkkk!

Aren't y'all just happy to hear that?! Yes, I am back and plan on getting into the swing of things ASAP. However, I'm completely jet-lagged so hopefully I'll get back into things Tuesday or Wednesday so keep an eye out :D I've got some reviews coming up of the books I've read over the past two weeks. 

 And guess what?! I just got my first physical ARC! Woot! However, I also got it via Netgalley and I had already started reading it, but it was a nice surprise when I got home :D And let me just tell ya, I'm totally loving on this book! Remember my Waiting on Wednesday of Grave Mercy? Well thats the book I got that I'm totally lovin on! Seriously, I'm only halfway through and looooooove it! So look forward to my review!

Alright, well I'm completely jet-lagged (if you can't tell from my incessant rambling) so I'll get off for now. Thanks again for sticking with me! 

All the best!


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