Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Wrap-up Read-a-Thon


I'll be having posts throughout the week with updates of my status and answers to challenges. Be sure to check out my challenge and giveaway!

What I've accomplished:

I've finished The Night Circus! 

Beautiful, enchanting, enticing, imaginative, magical! I could go on and on! While slow to start, The Night Circus ends up being a book to remember. I'll have a full review up soon. 

Currently Reading: 

I absolutely adore Rick Riordan's books and I'm sad to see a series end. Hopefully I'll finish this. I'm really busy this week getting all my college stuff together and heading up so if I finish this book, I'll feel rather accomplished! ;)

Cover Love Challenge:
Hosted by Emily @ Falling for YA

Oh, goodness. So much cover love!
Here's a few:

Book Puzzle Challenge:
Hosted by Amanda @ Pearl the Book Girl

Eww....well its seem y'all are getting a dermatology lesson too! XD 
Book name: 
Great book btw. Haunting and not what I expected, but beautiful too. 

So far, even though I'm super busy, I've had fun! 
I hope y'all have been having fun too! 

All the best


  1. Cool book puzzle! Didn't get the skin part, not that much into science and such.

  2. I don't even know that book BUT I STILL GOT THE PUZZLE RIGHT! I'm very proud of my brain right now. :D


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