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Wither Discussion

Catch Wither Fever is a Read-a-long hosted by Andrea at The Overstuffed Bookcase and Jessie at The Daily Bookmark where we can read Wither and/or Fever and do reviews and discussion posts on them. Today, I've decided to discuss the content of Wither. 
This is an OPINION post, so please respect that. And I'm always open to other people's opinions so share away in the comments :D 

As you know from the synopsis, this book deals with a polygamous marriage and Rhine's fight for freedom. I'm going to have to agree with Andrea at The Overstuffed Bookcase that the polygamy wasn't main aspect that bothered me. Do I agree with it? No. But in this book, it was the forced marriage that hit me harder. If you choose to be in a polygamous marriage, then by all means go ahead. But that is your choice. In Wither, Rhine isn't given a choice, but forced to be in this marriage. These young women are taken from their home and given to men with money with no other options. Did they ask to be there? No. They were forced. To say that I felt bad for them in an understatement. I can't even begin to imagine being in that situation! Which brings me to....

What would you do? 
In Wither, we are given 3 different POV's on the situation. While the book itself if just Rhine's perspective, you learn about the other sister wive's views on the polygamous marriage. You have Rhine, the freedom seeker. Cecily, the perfect sister wife. And Jessica, the accepter.  Just as each girl in the book reacted differently, so would each girl out in the real world. A lot of it depends on how your brought up also. For example, Rhine had freedom forcibly taken from her and just wants that freedom back, even if life inside the Mansion is better. Cecily was brought up thinking that becoming a sister wife was all there was to life and therefore, wanted to be the best she could be. Jessica, although she didn't truly want to be there, she was resigned to it. Each girls background helped shape her future. If I was in this situation, I'd love to believe that I'd be the defiant one and that I would do whatever I could to get out of there and get away from that injustice. But who knows? I'll admit, that mansion is nice, but to be forced to marry a guy you don't love? That's positively medieval! 

So what did y'all think of Wither? Do you believe the polygamy or lack of choice is worse? What do you think you'd do in this situation? Sound off in the comments below! I'm always happy to hear other's opinions :D 

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  1. Of course I totally agree with the lack of choice being worse than the whole polygamy aspect! ;) I mean, everything that these girls had to go through before they even came to the mansion was horrible enough. And then they are forced to marry this stranger, and they can't even say their own vows or anything. And then they're expected to get pregnant and have his children? The polygamy aspect really pales in comparison.

    And I'd love to think I'd be like Rhine, too. I mean, coming from my background of being free like Rhine, I'd think I'd react the same way. But who knows when you're actually in that situation?

    Great discussion topics, Mackenzie! I've added this post to the Catch Wither Fever Event Post List!

    1. Definitely! Freedom = good in my opinion :P While sometimes I like help making a decision, I don't like them to be made for me. Ugh...thats the worst part! they are expected to sleep with him and give him children o_O....EW!!!! *shivers* I'd beat the living crap out of a guy if he ever tried anything. I'd make an awful sister-wife :P

      Exactly. You never know unless your in the situation. Though, who knows, maybe we'd get a really nice guy and we wouldn't mind! Hm....idk. something to think about I guess :P


      All the best ♥


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