Sunday, April 29, 2012

DNF: The Last Princess by Galaxy Craze

The Last Princess 
By Galaxy Craze
Pages: 295
Format: Hardback
Source: Bought/B&N

Rating: DNF

Goodreads Synopsis:

Happily ever after is a thing of the past.

A series of natural disasters has decimated the earth. Cut off from the rest of the world, England is a dark place. The sun rarely shines, food is scarce, and groups of criminals roam the woods, searching for prey. The people are growing restless.

When a ruthless revolutionary sets out to overthrow the crown, he makes the royal family his first target. Blood is shed in Buckingham Palace, and only sixteen-year-old Princess Eliza manages to escape.

Determined to kill the man who destroyed her family, Eliza joins the enemy forces in disguise. She has nothing left to live for but revenge, until she meets someone who helps her remember how to hope—and to love—once more. Now she must risk everything to ensure that she not become... The Last Princess.

My Review: 

This book had so much potential! With a synopsis like that, how could it not be awesome?!? Ugh....sadly, it left a lot to be desired. More often the not, the reason I DNF books is because I neither hate it enough nor love it enough to stay interested. I believe that if I had finished, it would have been a 3. Yes, I have finished books before and given less stars so why did I not DNF them? Because although I was completely frustrated by them there was one aspect that I was just really interested in. There was just that "something" there that gave me emotions while I read it, whether good or bad. With this book all I felt was "meh". The entire time. I didn't feel anything while reading it. I was just reading words without really reading them. Here's a few reason why I ended up not finishing.

1. Not enough details.
This book should have been dark. I should have been scared out of my wits, or my heart should have been pumping with anticipation or something. Instead I felt nothing. Honestly, I didn't really care. I think more details about the world and the actions the characters take would've given off the atmosphere the author intended. Also, because of the lack of details, the plot was also lacking. It just couldn't keep my interest.

2. MC 
To be honest, I didn't really care about her. There was nothing significant about her. I don't feel as if I ever got to know her. Nothing in her "personality" stuck out to me. I think a lot of this again has to do with lack of details, but I should've having some feelings towards the MCs but I just couldn't get myself to care. 

3. Romance:
Ugh....I don't even know how they ended up together. One moment he's just in a few pages, next thing you know their making out (and slept together?). Um...what?!? I don't even know where the romance came from! It wasn't "insta-love" per se, but it definitely didn't build. I don't even really know how to explain it. It just wasn't good. I'll leave it at that.

4. Pacing:
The pacing was far to quick. At the very beginning, it was great and the perfect pace. Then everything was happening and it all happened so quick and I just didn't get the full picture of what was happening. This book needed to slow it down and give more details (again with the details! :P) and it probably would've kept my interest more. 

I didn't love the characters or the plot and was therefore just not interested. Normally if I love one of those 2 things I can deal with it but I just couldn't make myself. I have too many other books that I want to read and don't want to waste my time on a book that I won't like. I might finish it...eventually. But that's only because I don't like to leave things unfinished. And who knows? Maybe it gets better. But so far, not for me. 

If y'all have read this book and you think you can convince me to finish it, please do! I'd love to know if it gets better or if any of these things bother you. 

All the best ♥


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