Wednesday, January 1, 2014



Well, as most of you could tell, 2013 was a bust for me in the blogging world. I hardly ever blogged, even over the summer when I was home, and I am ridiculously behind on review books. What's my excuse? I'm not sure I have a good one. 

But this year? This year things will be different. I can promise you that. I will make it my goal to read more. Over this Christmas break I've been reading and I forget sometimes how much I love it! But that just make me put forth more effort for this upcoming year. Besides, there's a gajillion (not even an exaggeration) new books coming out this year and I can't wait to read em! 

So, what are some resolutions?
1. To read moreI only read 22 books last year....22. Egad. And 22 isn't bad....but my goal was at least 50 :P And that was after knocking it down from 70 when I realized I couldn't do it! I'm a slow reader, but I have too many books on my TBR to have read so few.
2. To blog more consistently - look, there are going to be times where I just don't have time to read so I may not always have as many reviews as I like, but even when this is the case I vow to keep up with some memes or random thought posts. I will keep the blog updated (hopefully)
3. To not put pressure on myself - I really, really want to keep this up, but let's be frank - who knows what this new year holds. I might be crazy busy and not yet know it (let's hope not :P). 
4. To comment more - I made some awesome friends via blogging and I've ignored them for far too long. Besides, I'd also love to make new ones!

So, I know that these are some pretty common "blogging resolutions" but those are my goals. I don't want to have another year like 2013. 

Thank you so much to everyone who follows by blog. Y'all are a blessing. I hope y'all have an absolutely wonderful new year filled with love, joy, and happiness. Remember, tomorrow's always another day. 

*Side note - am I the only one who can't believe it's 2014. 2014. That year just sounds so....weird. Well, here's to hoping its a good one!! 

All the best

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  1. That post almost exactly sums me up too! 2013 was kind of a bust blogging-wise for me too, but I'm really excited that it's a new year now - a chance for a fresh start! I have similar resolutions to you for this year - good luck with them; I hope we're both more successful with blogging this year! :D

    (I know, I CANNOT believe it's 2014 either!! :O It just doesn't sound right yet...I bet I'm still going to be accidentally writing '2013' as the date for a while yet!)


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