Monday, July 15, 2013

The Hot Summer Reads Read-A-Thon

So guess what guys? I've decided to join another Read-a-thon! Why? Well, honestly, it keeps me reading. I'm an awful manager of time. I really am. I love to watch TV  and often times I end up getting side-tracked by it because my sister is watching Netflix and I just can't seem to pass it up. However, knowing I'm participating in a read-a-thon makes me put books as a priority and learn to manage my time better. 

I'm now joining the Hot Summer Reads Read-A-Thon. It goes from July 14 through the 20th. A full week of reading? I'm game. 

My goal? 3 books. I just feel like this is a good number. Not to many, not to few. I volunteer at the Education Center here on base and I may be taking another trip this weekend, but hopefully I'll have plenty of time to accomplish my goal.

Current read: Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo. Loving it! Though, unfortunately, not as much as I hoped. But don't fret! This is all my fault! Ever read of book that you know is a great book, but your kind of in just an "ehh" mood? Yeah, unfortunately that's where I'm at. The book is great! Truly it is! But I'm not zooming through it because I'm just not in the reading mood (hence the Read-A-Thon! A way to make me read!) 

Future books? Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Mass - cue hyperventilating. 
OMGOMGOMGOMG I haven't read it yet but I know it's going to be fantastic. Some people I trust very much have loved it so it'd be an understatement to say I'm not excited. In fact, when I got it through Netgalley, I may have squealed like a little kid in a toy store. No shame. I need more Chaol. NOW. 

And after that? I have no idea. I'll probably have to have y'alls help with picking a book. I just can't make the decision!

Note*- I will have reviews soon. I promise. I've written some and am writing/editing others, I've just been a bit unorganized. Also, these read-a-thon's get me reading which means more reviews for y'all! The reviews will start once this read-a-thon ends.

All the best


  1. Good luck! I'm already trying to think of books I can push onto you for that third book >:)

    Sorry to hear about S&S and your mood. Totally get where you're coming from. I've put down books that I want to love when I'm in those moods because I don't want to ruin them.

    You will get a lot more Chaol :D

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