Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thinking Through Thursday (10)

Welcome to another "Thinking Through Thursday"! This is a post I write (or try to) every Thursday in which I discuss various bookish goodness. 

This week's discussion is:

Religion in Books:

There have always been books with religion and there always will be. However, sometimes, it's well done while other times....not so much. 

If the book is labeled "religious fiction" then it's a different story. You know what you're getting yourself into and often get the book based on what you believe (Ex. Christian fiction, Hindu fiction, ect.). However, there are many YA books out there that may not be "religious fiction" but deal with it in some form or another. Books such as Glow actually have religion as a important plot point. The thing is though, I really don't enjoy the "religious" plot line unless I'm specifically reading religious fiction. More often than not because most author's show them as religious nuts. It's very "in your face" and quite frankly crazy. 

I personally think Glow could've been an interesting book if it didn't deal with all that religious stuff. For one, it demonized it. Two, although it did show both sides, it really only showed both extremes, nothing in the middle. Three, I just don't feel like it was necessary. I feel like there could've been a different route (and better one) that it could've taken. 

Here's two reasons off the top of my head why it's a hit or miss with religion in books:

1. If it's not labeled as religious fiction, don't throw it in your face. Make it subtle and make sure it's necessary. Make sure it moves the plot forward. Again, if I know the genre is religious fiction, then I know what to expect. But if its not, I think religion can still play a vital role, especially if it actually moves the plot forward (ex. The Girl of Fire and Thorns). 

2. Don't demonize religion. Please, I don't care if its made up or not. I don't care if you have faith or not. If there is one way to turn off readers, it's this. It's grouping every religion or all people of a specific religion into a cult. Just don't. Don't try and shove your opinions down our throats. 

For me, these are the two major turn offs. If authors would listen to these two suggestions, it would be so much better! 

I really wish I had more time to go in depth with this. I don't feel like I covered nearly as much as I could. I'll admit, this was a quick post! Sorry! But if y'all want to discuss something, perhaps something I left out, let me know in the comments below!

All the best

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  1. Wow, you made some really interesting points there :) I love the feature as well!
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